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Australian Bullion Company offers a wide variety of silver bullion bars and silver coins. Silver has become a very popular investment precious metal. Our online inventory includes the ABC Silver Bar, Melbourne Mint Silver coin, Perth Mint Silver Bar and many more. All of our Gold and Silver products are available at competitive prices in accordance with daily market prices.

We believe in giving our customers a great deal as well as a secure and professional purchasing experience. So, what can we offer you?

  • A safe, secure way to invest in silver precious metals
  • Quick & convenient purchasing; online & over the phone
  • Competitive daily pricing
  • Secure, fully insured storage options
  • Highly secure courier delivery transport
  • Access to highly skilled industry specialists (with over 40 years’ experience in the bullion industry)

Established in 1972, we are Australia’s oldest privately run precious metal company and renowned internationally for our expertise in the bullion market. We have a strong reputation as a trustworthy and high quality Gold and Silver wholesaler and retailer. All of our silver bullion bars and silver coins are delivered to your choice of address via secure courier transport.

If needed, we also offer secure storage for your precious metals. This secure vault depository is ideal for customers who do not want the risk of storing their gold and silver investments.

We make buying silver online simple, secure and convenient. For peace of mind on security and value when investing in silver bullion and coins, Australian Bullion Company’s 40 years of expertise will ensure you receive an outstanding experience.

If you would like further assistance please contact our bullion consultants at (03) 96548166 or send us an email and we will contact you shortly.


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