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Buy, Sell And Invest In Gold - With The Australian Bullion Company

Helping Australians Buy And Sell Gold For Nearly 40 Years

“Boost and bulletproof the wealth you've spent a lifetime creating today by investing in gold and/or silver bullion.”

Peter August, Managing Director of Australian Bullion Company

For over 40 years, Australian Bullion Company has been assisting clients in purchasing and selling premium gold and silver bullion; helping them to safeguard and boost their wealth.

Why Buy Gold?

"Historically, gold has proven to be a wonderful asset that appreciates during extended periods of economic, financial and political distress and becomes the ideal medium through which to weather out the current economic storm."

AHA Investor, Oct/Nov 2011Unlike electronic currencies and modern fiat paper money, gold and silver bullion bars (and coins) are resistant to devaluation and are universally recognized currencies. This has allowed gold to earn its reputation as the most valued and trusted store of wealth in the world.

Why Add Gold To Your Investment Portfolio?

Gold is proven to hedge against inflation and stock market volatility, and can therefore be an ideal investment option for self-managed superannuation funds (SMSF). Many financial investors and planners recommend keeping 10 per cent of your wealth in gold or silver as it is a low risk, secure investment with reliable returns.   

The Dow to gold ratio, which tells you how many ounces of gold it would take to buy a unit of the Dow, in any given month, has been in decline since its peak in 1999. This demonstrates that the equities era is coming to an end.


Gold Pricing

The price of gold has quietly gone up for 11 straight years from 2000 -2011. In the last ten years gold has had a compound annual growth of 20.5%. This is an absolutely outstanding return but investors should not look at gold as an investment but as money.

We have had Quantitative Easing 1,2 (QE1, QE2) occur in various countries around the world. 

Quantitative easing is a term that is being used frequently by governments, central banks and the media world-wide. Simply defined, quantitative easing means the printing of more paper currency. By printing unlimited amounts of paper money, this has the effect of devaluing the existing currency. Many call it a secret tax because by devaluing the currency, one's purchasing power has been eroded. Fiat currencies around the world are de-valuing against real money gold as there is no limit to how much can be made and no standard to maintain it's value, in other words it has lost it's measure. According to Gerald Celente QE is tantamount to "Printing digital money out of thin air, based on nothing and producing nothing, and not worth the paper it's not printed on."

As fears and uncertainty continue in the global economy, with shares and property continuing to decline, gold has become the ultimate safe haven asset giving private investors the ultimate peace of mind. Institutional investors and central banks are all adding gold to their portfolios as five thousand years of monetary history proves that gold is real money.

Why it’s important to consider gold bullion for investment purposes:

Diversification is one of the most important investment strategies. Many investors are increasing the percentage of gold in their clients’ portfolios for these reasons:

  • Economic uncertainty: Because of the GFC and the current Eurozone crisis, investors are turning to gold as a means to safely boost and store wealth
  • Hedge against inflation: Since the recent recession, major economies are printing money which has led to inflation. Gold is resistant to inflation
  • Future stability: As America’s economy struggles with an insecure dollar, India, China, Russia and Qatar are turning to gold to safeguard their investments for the future
  • Limited Supply: It takes7-10 years to find gold, open a mine, and begin production. It is predicted that there is only 20 years left of gold that can be easily mined

At Australian Bullion Company, we make it easy to buy, sell and trade gold – whether it’s your first time or if you’re a seasoned investor. Learn more about Gold and Silver in our video library or call us now at (03) 9654 8166 or contact us here.

Gold and silver prices fluctuate so it’s important to know when to buy and sell gold.

Like all commodities, products and services, supply and demand determine price. The supply of gold is dependent on the quantity individuals and governments are willing to sell as well as the amount that can be easily mined, which is limited.

Global economic factors also have a substantial influence on the price of gold. Central banks in developed and progressing nations often make decisions that impact the price of gold. For example, in 2009, India’s purchase of over 200 tons of gold increased gold prices by 2.6 percent on the same day. Interest rates further influence the demand for gold, as investors have historically invested in gold as a ‘safe harbor’ during economic storms.

Although the global economy is less influential on silver prices, the industrial demand for silver has a major influence over its price.

Many investors have invested in gold for the long-term while others trade gold frequently; basing their purchasing decisions on current economic news. For some investors, it can be extremely important to invest and trade quickly. Australian Bullion Company, the oldest privately owned and run precious metals company in Australia, provides a full range of gold and silver trading services. For the highest level and service when you’re buying, selling and trading gold, call us now at (03) 9654 8166 or contact us here.

The services a gold and silver dealer can provide

Unlike other precious metal retailers, we provide other services in addition to buying and selling gold. ABC provides the public and investors with avenues to buy, sell, store and invest in physical gold and silver bullion.

We also provide:

  • Experience. Founded in 1972, our experience is unmatched by any other in the industry.
  • Competitive market pricing
  • Free appraisals for gold and silver
  • Instant payment for unwanted gold and silver
  • Adherence to the highest ethical standards
  • Easy access to gold and silver which you can buy or sell instantly
  • Competitive daily pricing
  • The ability to place future orders
  • Storage accounts
  • Secure premises with armoured cars
  • Access to experienced and highly-skilled industry specialists
  • Fully insured storage for customers who buy gold and silver

When you want to buy gold, sell or trade gold, call us at (03) 9654 8166 or contact us here.

How to successfully invest in gold:

If you’re investing in gold or silver, for the short or long-term, it is important to engage with a gold and silver bullion company you trust, to allow you to trade quickly and with confidence.

Should gold be 100 per cent of your investment portfolio? It’s not a strategy that most successful investors use. However many investors implement a percentage into their portfolios as means to create increased portfolio diversification.

One of the ways to invest in gold is to hold physical gold; at ABC we hold the physical gold for you as a part of our investment services. This has been set up to ensure our clients do not have the burden of securing gold in their home or office.

Many commodities investors prefer to purchase and invest in silver, as an alternative to buying gold. Many Australian Bullion Company clients opt to buy gold in addition to silver. While both metals are volatile, silver tends to have wider swings in price, so it is important to have an experienced gold and silver company on your side.

If you want to buy, sell or trade gold, call us on (03) 9654 8166 or contact us here.

Trade gold and silver prudently

Successful investing requires care, prudence, a long-term view, balance, and preparation. Gold and silver can be excellent additions to a balanced investment portfolio. Prior to buying gold or silver, it is important to weigh up all the available options. At Australian Bullion Company, we can help you to discover the many different ways to own gold and silver. Some of options include:

  • Bullion
  • ETF
  • Gold funds

It is vital to use a bullion company that can execute your trades successfully and provide the services you need. The Australian Bullion Company has been helping gold and silver investors since 1972.

It’s also important for gold and silver investors to understand potential risk levels. It is possible for prices to fluctuate in gold and silver markets and economic uncertainty can quickly change the price of gold; ergo it is important to have a strategy with a company whose trading is stable, experienced, thorough, and extremely well-respected.

If you have questions about trading in gold or silver, call us now at (03) 9654 8166 or contact us here.