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Peter J August, Managing Director

Peter August is the Managing Director of Australian Bullion Company (ABC), the founder and CEO of the Melbourne Mint, the founder and Managing Director of numismatics company, Universal Coin Co, and the founder and Managing Director of Gold Merchants International (GMI). In addition to running a successful numismatics company and two leading precious metals companies, August is an avid collector, a historian and a founding member of the Numismatics Dealer Association, a position he has held for 21 years.
August established Universal Coin Co in 1988 following a career in property. In 2004, after sixteen successful years of business, August separated Universal Coin Co into two companies. He continued to trade under the name Universal Coin Co for numismatics and launched Gold Merchants International (GMI) for wholesaling gold. GMI quickly became the largest precious metals scrap customer of AGR Mathey.
In 2008, within a week of August deciding he wanted to focus on the bullion retailing side of GMI, he was approached by AGR Mathey with an offer to purchase ABC, one of Australia’s oldest and most respected precious metals retailers. Soon after buying the company, August implemented a new business model designed to improve customer experience and stimulate business growth. His Intention was for ABC to be a place where premium gold could be purchased easily and securely by customers while educating them on the importance of gold as an asset class.
Since 2008 ABC has experienced 150 per cent business growth and today it is one of the most respected gold brands in Australia. After the Perth Mint, ABC together with GMI is the largest precious metals retailer/wholesaler in Australia. Peter is an avid believer that investing in gold safeguards one’s wealth and advocates gold as an asset class as opposed to simply being defined as commodity.