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Reasons to buy gold :

  • The already weak US dollar is getting weaker due to national economic policies and there is no prescribed end in sight
  • Gold price appreciation makes up for lost interest, especially in the current bullish market
  • The last four years are considered to be the beginning of a major bull run move, similar to the 1970's when gold moved from $38 to over $800
  • Central banks in several countries including China, Quatar, Russia and India have stated their intent to increase their gold holdings, highlighting a shift away from paper money
  • All gold funds are in a long-term uptrend with bullion, most recently, setting new all-time highs
  • The trends of commodity price increases are relative to gold price increases
  • Most gold consumption takes place in India and China. As the wealth of these nations increases so does the demand for gold
  • Several gold funds reached all-time highs in 2007 and continue to trend upward
  • The short position held by hedged gold funds is being methodically reduced
  • U.S. government economic policies over the past decade have systematically projected an economy burdened by uncontrollable federal spending and increasing trade deficit. Both of these have caused the dollar to lose international value and increased the price of alternative investments such as gold
  • With the recent devaluation of many international currencies, the U.S. dollar was considered an international safe haven and last resort. In the current economic times, investors have witnessed the American dollar fall and are consequently questioning its strength as an investment
  • There are over one trillion dollars ($1,500,000,000,000) of U.S. debt owned by foreigners which could be repatriated under certain conditions. This could cause a major decline in the value of the dollar and see gold prices soaring
Current gold prices are low, however they are climbing. If you believe in ‘buying low and selling high' come and visit ABC today at Level 10, 227 Collins Street, Melbourne Victoria 3000, or you can call us to ask about investing on (03) 96548166. 

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