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How To Trade In Gold For Cash

Peter: Where do you think this is? Death Valley in the USA? Are we looking at rugged Arabian or Saharan Deserts? Or perhaps it is a scene from our own Central Australia? It's hard to tell, isn't it? You are looking at the planet Mars taken during NASA's Pathfinder mission. And significantly one of the technologies used to measure metal content on Mars, is the same that we want to share with you today.

Hello. I'm Peter August from Gold Merchants International. And I'm delighted to present an exciting new service that is going to revolutionize the way silver, gold and other precious metals can be tested, valued, purchased and paid for. Up until now, in most cases, if you wanted to sell your gold, silver or other precious metals, you had to send it away, wait for it to be refined and valued, and then you'd have to wait to get paid. Often longer than you wanted.

Obviously, this was far from a perfect arrangement because if you weren't happy with the test results or the payment, there was little recourse because the product is already refined. But all this has changed thanks to Gold Merchants acquiring the same cutting edge technology NASA used and applying it to your business. This is the Gold Merchants Precious Metals Analyzing Gun. I would like to show you how this technology can turn your unwanted precious metals into instant cash, and return control of the process back to you.

For example, let's assume you no longer require these rings and chains. We simply zap your metal, and within seconds we can get a purity reading that is accurate within a fraction of the percent.Then upon agreement on price, we pay you instantly. For high volume clients, a Gold Merchants Business Manager is invaluable to test your metals at your premises, and provide an immediate result with instant payment.

All Gold Merchants clients will be provided with their own GMI members card, so you constant GM's website. As a client, you can log on to your own secured webpage where you can use our pricing calculator to work out what your gold is worth. Simply follow the instructions and we'll pay you instantly. Membership is free. Simply call 1-300-AU -GOLD, during business hours and we'll organize your membership. So now you'll no longer have any uncertainty when it comes to selling your gold. Gold Merchants International. Fantastic service in tandem with the latest technology.