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Sell Your Gold Jewellery Or Coins For Cash - Quickly, Easily and Safely

The Australian Bullion Company is happy buy your unwanted or broken yellow gold, white gold, platinum and silver bullion or jewellery and convert it to instant cash. We offer the best prices for your unwanted gold and jewellery.

Simply fill in the form on the right to request your free gold pack and we will send your gold pack to you in the mail. The pack includes full instructions for sending in your unwanted gold and your subsequent payment.

What will we buy?

All 9 – 24 Carat Jewellery

  • Rings, neckpieces, bracelets, brooches, pins, charms, earrings, cufflinks – matching or broken.

Scrap Gold, Silver or Platinum

  • Nuggets
  • Bullion Bars
  • Melted down gold
  • Coins
  • Pendants
  • Medals

Prior to payment, all stones will be removed from jewellery or allowances will be made for weight.

What will we pay you? After testing and removing all stones from the item; prices are based on the current rate of the metal, its purity and weight.

As an indication, the purer the gold the higher the price per gram

  • 24ct is pure Gold at 99.99%
  • 22ct gold equals 91.6% purity (reflecting a combination of other metals)
  • 18ct gold equals 75% purity (reflecting a combination of other metals)
  • 14ct gold equals 58.5% purity (reflecting a combination of other metals)
  • 9ct gold equals 37.5% purity (reflecting a combination of other metals)

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