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Video Transcription:

Gold Pack Jewelry Valuation Introduction

Mark: Hi, I'm Dr. Mark Dussault, and I'm here with Peter August, the Managing Director of the Australian Bullion Company here in Melbourne. What I wanted to do just briefly, is explain to you what this machine is actually, not for me to explain, but for Peter to explain it. We have another YouTube video that's just a little bit longer, but when you have gold that you want to bring in, one of the primary questions that you have is "How will I know that there's actual gold or silver or copper or zinc in this?" Peter, how did you acquire this machine? And what does it do for you and your clients? If you want to remove the doubt that they have about the gold they bring in?

Peter: Sure. OK, well we researched and found that the best technology available for testing gold in the marketplace was this XRF machine. Which the technology was created by NASA. Essentially what it does is it sends a beam of x-rays onto your jewelry, it vibrates the atoms. The atoms vibrate at different frequencies for all the different elements, so gold vibrates at one frequency, silver at another, and it essentially reads those frequencies. So it will tell you precisely how much gold is in your jewelry. So that way there's no guesswork, you know, we know, it takes a matter of five or six seconds to be able to make that determination, and then we make you an offer.

Mark: So, something like that this that you would have, obviously in an old jewelry box or in a drawer somewhere, what would that be worth today? Just an approximate value.

Peter: In approximate values, we're talking about, if it was 18 karat it would be $20 plus a gram.

Mark: So how much would this be?

Peter: Well, you've got 45.5 grams.

Mark: $900.

Peter: At least.

Mark: So this would be $900 that's just sitting in your drawer, not doing anything. Because the gold price, obviously, it's quite high right now, so if you actually want to turn this into cash, this is the machine which, by the way, it has a technical name called Zappy because the Australian Bullion Company.

Peter: The company gives our machines, names.

Mark: You know, technical for whatever this would be called, and I'm sure that Star Trek fans would have a name for this.

Peter: Yes, x-ray, fluorescent, something like that.

Mark: Yeah, it's space age technology. And the reason why I wanted to do this Youtube video is to make sure that you felt comfortable to take something like this and trade it in for what this, right now, would be about $900.

Peter: Correct.

Mark: So if you're looking to get some cash out of your old drawers, and your jewelry boxes, you definitely want to come in to the Australian Bullion Company. Have it analyzed, and then make your decision when you're here. But this is all you have to bring in is a little plastic bag.

Peter: And it's quite surprising. It's just a small amount of jewelry worth such a lot of money.

Mark: Yeah, I mean it's almost $1,000.

Peter: Yeah, absolutely, and with the gold price the way it is at the moment it's a great time to cash it in.

Mark: Absolutely, especially during the holidays or a special event or a special occasion and anniversary, I mean, it's a great way to pay for the new piece of jewelry that you want to purchase.

Peter: Or those new shoes.

Mark: Or those new shoes or whatever. Yeah, absolutely, that luxury that you've been putting off for a while. Listen Peter, thank you very much for making something as complex as this so simple to understand. So that people can feel comfortable about coming in and trading in their gold for money, for cash.

Peter: You're very welcome.

Mark: Thank you very much.

Peter: Cheers.

Mark: Thank you.