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Video Transcription:

Gold and Silver Bullion For Wealth Protection

Marc: Hi. I'm Dr. Marc Dussault, and you can see it's November. It's 2009 and I'm here with Peter August, the Managing Director of the Australian Bullion Company. Peter, I want to thank you...hello, yes, of course. We've been sitting here for...I won't say how long we've been doing these takes but it's been a great morning here. We've put together a handful of YouTube videos. That you can access through clicking the bubbles that you'll see on the videos. We've explained why you would invest in silver and gold bullion.

We've also explained the difference between numismatic coins, in other words coins that you collect, as well as these bars here, that I do know now, that these are bars and not coins, and take you through the process of why you'd invest in gold or silver bullion. Just summarize, in one sentence, why someone would invest in gold or silver bullion, compared to anything else. Why would that be?

Peter: To protect their hard earned wealth, in fragile financial times.

Marc: When we say "protection" we're talking about an increase from about 10% historically, that you'd recommend people have in bullion in respect to their total asset base. To now about 15% to 20%. You're not saying, "Sell all your stocks, sell all your properties." Just increase the proportion of the silver and gold that you have within your portfolio. Is that right?

Peter: Absolutely. This is your insurance against...ten years ago the risk of any kind of financial calamity, or any kind of geopolitical calamity was quite small. So henceforth you had a very low gold price. But that risk has increased dramatically.

Marc: And we all recognize that it's there to stay. Peter and I have spent time preparing a handful of YouTube videos that we'd like you to watch. You'll see that there are bubbles on each one, interlinking them. We'd love you to take some time to look at them, and just consider gold and bullion, as a percentage of your investment portfolio anywhere between 10% to 20%. If you don't have any gold or silver bullion you can start with something as small as one ounce, or even fractions of an ounce and you can start with coins to get the kids interested. Also, just for your interest, numismatic coins are really interesting. Each tells a story, and even though you pay a slight premium for them it might be the way you want to start. Absolutely take a look at the YouTube videos and Peter, thanks for taking time out of your busy day. Because I know that the gold rush is on right now and you don't want to miss out. You definitely want to get in on the action.